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Continuous learning and learning is a compulsory process to achieving good result and remaining relevant in the tech world.  Innovations and discoveries happen too fast requiring upgrades, updates and modifications of existing  system on regular basis 

Maptech provides Tips and relevant support through articles and posts published here by seasoned professionals to assist anyone get on quickly with their task.


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Charles K. Ajeigbe

How To Secure Your WhatsApp with 2FA

Two-step verification (AKA two-factor authentication) requires a second element to access an account. The first step is usually a password, and the second is usually a passcode or PIN.

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Charles K. Ajeigbe

Effective Use of Social Media Tools Part 2

Social media marketing is no more a need but an essential element for your business.  The primary reason businesses of all kinds succeed in social media marketing is that they have all of their tedious tasks systemized with tools.

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