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There’s a lot of exciting work being done in digital marketing. Now and then, there’s something to learn about a new tool, a new skill, and/or new ways to do things in a better way.

Digital marketing is one of those industries where learning never stops and you can keep improving in one way or another.

There are also those people who are relatively new to the digital marketing arena and want to improve their skills, so let’s look at 10 ways you can improve your digital marketing skills:

Clear the Basics
Digital Marketing Courses
Practice What You Learn
Find a Mentor
Stay Updated with the Industry
Don’t Forget the Data
Keep Experimenting
Market Yourself
Improve Communication
Learn Project Management

Now, let’s learn about these methods and see how they can help us in improving our skills.

Clear the Basics
On its own, digital marketing is quite wide and includes a lot of different specializations and career paths ranging from social media marketing, paid/PPC marketing, and SEO to conversion rate optimization, digital analytics, and content marketing, to name a few.

So, it’s very important to at least have a basic idea about these different areas, i.e., how they generally work and how one can impact the other.

This will clear the basics for you and give you a wholesome picture when you’re looking at something or forming a digital marketing plan.

For instance, if you’re too focused on just running the ads on social media and search engines, but the ads are not relevant to the landing pages or don’t go with the content strategy, it will burn your marketing budget and hurt your conversion rates.

So, being not in sync with other areas of digital marketing means you might not be able to deliver effective results in the long term since you would be more focused on your own department/specialization.

Digital Marketing Courses
One of the best ways to start in this industry and to keep improving is to upskill through courses. However, it’s important to do what’s relevant vs just doing every other course. This also means not focusing on quantity as much as quality.

If you have a clear idea of the basics, then you would know how to cut the noise and choose the courses that are more relevant to your area of specialization.

We all suffer from some form of procrastination so it’s important not to overwhelm ourselves and enroll in several courses at once. It’s better to take it slow, and one at a time to learn better.

Moreover, it’s not just about enrolling because that’s the easy part but you would be spending your money, time, and energy if you want to get the most out of these courses.

So, make sure you go for courses that match the type of content you want to learn, read any reviews, and plan to complete that course as well. If possible and if you can, then take a trial to see how you like it before you jump in.

Here’s a list of websites where you can do some specialized courses:

CXL – From general digital marketing to conversion rate optimization and digital analytics, they are known for their in-depth courses by industry practitioners.
Udemy – Often not very expensive, these courses from experts can be a great way to boost your skills and resume.
Coursera – Another platform with a ton of courses. Google’s Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate is a great place to start.
MeasureSchool – If you’re looking to learn about Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and other tools in Google Marketing Platform then our blogs, YouTube videos, and the MeasureMasters membership is the place to be.
Practice What You Learn
So, you know the digital marketing basics and know how to navigate through different day-to-day situations. That’s great! But if you want to move up a level, you have to put your learning to practice as well.

Hands-on practice on the job is one of the best and quickest ways to learn because you’re dealing with real-world problems and scenarios. It gets even better if you have experienced people around you to help and correct you when you make any mistakes.

However, that luxury is not available to everyone.

Start a project, replicate what you’ve learned on a dummy website, or offer to work for free at some small business or a non-profit that can’t afford to hire someone.

To learn GTM, you can use GTM injector-like extensions for Chrome and other browsers, and then track work on different types of conversion tracking. You can also create a dummy Google Analytics account to verify you’re receiving the data you tracked.

If you’re running out of ideas, then take inspiration from other projects and questions people ask on forums, or watch YouTube tutorials like those we have at MeasureSchool and then practice the skills you’ve learned.

As long as you can practice what you learn in real-world situations, you will improve with time. It’s an old-tested method that almost always works and opens up more opportunities!

Find a Mentor
It’s very helpful if you can turn to someone for any questions that you can’t easily or quickly find answers to or someone who simply gives you feedback on your work.

Having a mentor will do exactly that for you. Whether they are industry experts online or someone locally, this will do you wonders. It also depends on the kind of mentor you have, so make sure you find one that you know you can learn from.

Experts have already learned and mastered what you want to do, so it will save you a lot of time and effort to adopt some of the best practices and avoid some grave mistakes they’ve already made.

Enoch Eze Cosmos

Enoch Eze Cosmos

Lead Web Developer / Business Development

Charles Ajeigbe

Charles Ajeigbe

Director Business Development/Lead Consultant

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